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23 February

Artistic Concrete Coatings can create a timeless, vibrant floor that you’ll love. Using Metallic Stains, the professionals at Artistic Concrete Coatings can turn your drab, plain concrete floor into a colorful, striking floor that resembles marble or other high-end floors. Metallic Stains are applied over top of existing to create a shining, radiant floor. Metallic […]

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05 November

Metallic Stains are the hottest decorative concrete coating on the market today. People all over the world are choosing this floor coating for their homes and businesses because of its high-end, classical look. Metallic Stains recreate the quality look of marble and other high-end stone floors. By adding clear epoxies and specially formulated metallic additives, […]

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12 October

When looking for decorative flooring options, you’ll find there are a lot of options to choose from. From wood to high-end flooring like marble, you’re sure to find a flooring option to suit your style. Something else you’ll notice is the cost associated with high-end flooring. While stone, marble, or other high-end flooring options look […]

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