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08 April

One of concrete’s many advantages is its unparalleled versatility in both design and methods of use. For many years, concrete was seen solely as a functional floor with no consideration of its decorative potential. But in recent years, more and more homeowners are beginning to see residential concrete in a new light as a functional […]

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14 January

Repair your concrete with Elite Concrete Creations. Broken concrete looks terrible. Cracks, chips, flakes, and spalling all make your concrete look less than stellar and should be avoided. But if your concrete is already cracked, you need it repaired before it gets worse. Luckily, Elite Concrete Creations can make your concrete look brand new. Concrete […]

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28 September

We completed this large slate stone application in Bryan, Ohio this past Friday.  The homeowner was tired of her ugly gray front porch and wanted to transform it to look like large stones.  No stencil was used here, just fiber tape and plenty of time to lay-out the pattern (we don’t just put down one […]

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