Tag: epoxy flooring

29 November

Image via Flickr When it gets time to seal your concrete, a big question mark pops-up in the heads of many people about what the right product is to put on it to protect it.  One of the differences between a concrete sealer and a concrete waterproofer (sometimes called penetrating sealer) is that a sealer […]

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15 November

We could have finished it all in one week but as things usually go (I mean always go), everything didn’t work-out exactly the way we wanted them to.  This time around, the problem that was delaying the project happened to be coming from the place we ordered it from and UPS.  All we really needed […]

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03 November

Garage flooring is one of those things that most people don’t think much about until their garage floor is looking terrible. If you really think about it,  your concrete is just one big porous sponge – soaking in all of the dirt, oil, ice-melting salt and other harmful chemicals that drop on it .  Maybe […]

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