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11 January

Decorative concrete can add a unique and distinguished look to any décor. With the durability and customization possibilities of concrete, anyone can create a space that is stylish yet capable of withstanding continued traffic and even harsh weather conditions. But not all decorative concrete is right for every space. So before you start pouring, take […]

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18 November

When you’re looking at flooring options to show off your personal style or match your décor, there are a lot of floors to choose from. From concrete staining to high build epoxy floors, there’s no shortage of decorative concrete flooring options. Among those options is the classical look of Grand Flagstone, brought to you by […]

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02 November

Grand Flagstone is a unique floor design that brings the classical style of European castles to your concrete floor. For centuries, castles all over Europe used Flagstone to build sturdy, elegant floors. Now, thanks to advances in concrete technology, you too can have this classical look without the high costs of traditional Flagstone. Grand Flagstone […]

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