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August 2017

8/20/17    #6

Blaine, MN 55434 United States

We have a 12' X 4' oak table and we have some lettering that we would like to put on top of it.  We would like to put some sort of epoxy over the top, but not sure exactly what to do. Wondering if this is something that you are able to do??


8/19/17    #5

Chicago, IL 60638 United States

Want to have my front concrete porch and walkway leading up to the porch resurfaced. Open to decorative pattern but like the uniform light aggregate look that many homes in my neighbor hood have...Up to 500 sq. ft.


8/16/17    #4

Box Elder, SD 57719 United States

I have a walkway/patio that leads from my driveway to my sliding glass door on the main level. While staining my porch, the South Dakota wind got the best of me and I made a mess of my concrete. I am looking for two separate quotes. 

First off, What would the cost be for removing the stains?  Obviously this would likely be dependent on how many stains and how large the area is but id say the area is roughly 350 sq. feet and the stains are speckled around about 200 sq. feet of that area. 

Second quote would be for if I decided to say screw getting all the stains up and would rather have you guys prime/stain over the concrete with a stone pattern (Much like the one in the picture above quoted "concrete staining Box Elder SD but possibly smaller size stones due to the smaller width of the walkway)? this would be for the entire 350 sq. foot area.


8/7/17    #3

Custer, SD 57730 United States

Our basement is finished - two bedrooms and one bath, plus storage areas - but the floor was never finished so it is a raw concrete floor with some pitting.  One area is approximately 1/2 inch higher than the rest.  There is some carpet.  We want to remove the carpet and have the concrete smoothed out and resurfaced...500-1,000 sq. ft.


8/4/17    #2

Miami, FL 33186 United States

I didn't know about epoxy floor until a friend of mine told me about it. I am thinking of doing it instead of changing my tiles.


8/3/17    #1

Rapid City, SD 57701 United States

Need the entryway to house stamped concrete, and possibly driveway...Measurements unknown.




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