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November 2017

11/30/17    #45

Tiffin, OH 44883 United States

 We'd be interested in a quote for our garage floor.

11/30/17   #44

Omaha, NE 68136 United States

 I just want the epoxy ground off in our prep room and grooming areas. 

11/28/17    #43

Saco, MN 04072 United States

 We bought a camp with a boat house built out of cement.  Though it appears to be safe, the surface of the top of the boat house is cracked and crumbling.  We're looking for someone to repair and seal it.

11/27/17    #42

Mills River, NC 28759 United States

Residential Project...500-1,000 sq. ft.

11/27/17    #41

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 United States

 Commercial Project...Office Remodel...1,000-5,000 sq. ft.

11/27/17    #40

Elkhart, IN 64110 United States

I have an unfinished basement I would like to have some finished flooring placed on. We currently have concrete floor so a nice epoxy or something that isn't affected by moisture would be great.

11/26/17    #39

Hanna City, IL 61536 United States

Driveway with spalling and cracks. Curious if worth resurfacing or just needs complete replacement.

11/26/17    #38

Sidney, OH 45365 United States

 Interested in having someone come out and check out some options for my deck area.

11/24/17    #37

North Carolina, United States

Looking to do a patio approx. 14x30 with a wood look. I saw one  with a weathered look with an L in the middle. 

11/24/17    #36

Sutton, WV 26601 United States

We just built a new addition.  We would like to have our concrete floors done with the metallic epoxy.  We would like a quote.

11/22/17    #35

Oklahoma City, OK 73179 United States

I want to paint the patio and side walks.

11/22/17    #34

Frederick, MD 21702 United States

 Would like a decorative coating applied to the steps in our government building.

11/21/17    #33

Alvada, OH 44802 United States

 Looking at refinishing/leveling a 1,500 sq. ft. basement floor that has a few drains and cracks throughout.  In addition, the potential for a 1,000 sq. ft. garage floor - again with drains and cracks.  Not sure of the finish style but curious as to the potential range in price a solution could be.

11/21/17   #32

Lynn, MA 01904 United States

 I am and interested in the rustic wood concrete floor, we have plans to finish our basement and would like to know what it would cost to have this look done to our basement floor.

11/21/17    #31

North Carolina, United States

We are looking at having our bay floors redone. I was wanting to get a quote on how much it would cost.

11/19/17    #30

Monroe, MI 48161 United States

Residential project...Remodeling basement...500- 1,000 sq. ft.

11/18/17    #29

Leland, NC 28451 United States

Old concrete back pad had pressure washed and still traps dog paw prints and look dirty all the time. Looking for something simple easy to clean doesn’t collect dirt.

11/18/17    #28

Indianapolis, IN 46224 United States

 Basement floor covering for a concrete floor.  Floor is uneven in spots, and basement has some dampness.  Area is approximately 18’ x 13’, minus a walled in stairway area.

11/18/17    #27

Rittman, OH 44270 United States

 Looking to have our basement floor finished with a wood floor look. Darker Stain.

11/18/17    #26

Myrtle, MS 38650 United States

 My husband and I are building our home inside of a metal building on a concrete slab. I like the hardwood look. We have approximately 2,000 sq. ft. to cover and would like a quote. 

11/16/17    #25

Van Wert, OH 45891 United States

Just looking for a rough $/sq foot for the metallic epoxy flooring in a basement that ~950 sq ft.

11/16/17    #24

Corinth, TX 76210 United States

 I have tile in my kitchen and laminate throughout the hallways and living room, dining area, it's outdated and I'm wanting a different look.

11/15/17    #23

Jackson Springs, NC 27281 United States

My pool needs help! 

11/13/17    #22

Pikeville, NC 27863 United States

We are turning our garage into living space.  This area will become the every day usage area for accessing the house as well as den area. Need durable flooring to withstand everyday usage as well as easy to clean.  Need a quote for basic medium sized ceramic tile look in the light brown/cream/beige color family or mixture of light browns and a quote for same colors but small square/rectangle alternating pattern design.

11/13/17    #21

Omaha, NE 68144 United States

 Interested in a bid on finishing basement floor.

11/13/17    #20

Defiance, OH 43512 United States

I have job that requires new curbing (130' or so).

11/13/17    #19

Syndey, NSW 2233 Austrailia

 Interested in a quote for a dual purpose garage / entertaining area.

11/10/17    #18

Peoria, IL 61614 United States

We want to re-do our basement into a play area, dance area. I think nice looking concrete makes more sense that tile. 

11/10/17    #17

Mount Jackson, VA 22842 United States

I would like an estimate for an epoxy floor for our basement. We want a different flooring other than carpet.

11/10/17    #16

North Carolina, United States

Garage floor has epoxy type paint with decorative specks. Several cracks need repair and then repainted. 2 car plus hallway.

11/10/17    #15

Redondo Beach, CA  90278 United States

Need back deck and driveway coated.

11/10/17    #14

St. Louis, MS 39520 United States

We are looking for a partner/donor for flooring for this gentlemens'  home. It currently has none, we stripped out all flooring. We are thinking vinyl planking would be best and most durable in his new home. 

11/9/17    #13

Waynesboro, VA 22980 United States

Residential project...Master Bedroom, Closet, and Basement...up to 500 sq. ft.

11/8/17    #12

Missouri City, TX 77489 United States

Would like to change my carpet on the first floor to decorative concrete.

11/7/17    #11

Inglewood, CA 90303 United States

Want to do my garage floor.

11/7/17    #10

Jacksonville, FL 32216 United States

After taking up carpet, instead of using tile, I am considering the refinished look of the concrete as the looks are beautiful.

11/7/17    #9

Cincinnati, OH 45249 United States

Basement flooded, do not want carpet.

11/6/17    #8

Fort Wayne, IN 46814 United States

We have a standard driveway for a three car garage that needs sealed. It is chipping.

11/6/17    #7

Overland Park, KS 62210 United States

Wanting a protective coating done in college bathrooms.

11/6/17    #6

Syracuse, IN 46567 United States

Interested in epoxy paint for the basement in my new home.

11/6/17    #5

North Carolina, United States

 Repair crack in stamped patio...41x31  crack runs full length...needs sealing as well.

11/5/17    #4

Decatur, IL 52621 United States

 Looking for epoxy flooring for walk-in shower.

11/2/17    #3

Union, KY 41091 United States

 I'd like to have a two car garage floor epoxy or resin coated.

11/2/17    #2

Bad Axe, MI 48413 United States

 We just had mold removed from the basement, and they had to take the all the tiles out.  It's approximately 1,200 sq. ft.  We just listed the home for sale and the real estate agent recommended we get someone in the home to paint the cement basement floor.  Wondering if I can get a quote for some different options for services you provide?  We want something basic and on the cheaper-midline of the price spectrum.  We just want it to look more finished than a bare cement floor with old glue stains on it.  

11/2/17    #1

Weyers Cave, VA 24486 United States

Building a new robotic dairy facility.  Am needing to protect a new concrete surface that the cows will eat off of.  Constant exposure to acidic silage.  Also looking for something for the milk room and robot rooms.  Primarily these are wet areas with minimal caustic and acid exposure.  Roughly 3,000 square feet of feeding area, 1,500 of the other.  Both areas will need some application of coatings to concrete walls.