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June 2018

6/12/18    #28

Stanley, VA 22851 United States

Quote for new dog breeding facility 40ft x 120 ft

6/11/18    #27

Harrisonburg, VA 22802 United States

We have a partially finished basement that recently took in some water. We are done with carpet and looking for a better solution.

6/11/18    #26

Hamilton, OH 45013 United States

Looking to have our entry in our church metallic epoxied.

6/11/18    #25

Fort Wayne, IN 46807 United States

I need full water proofing for my unfinished basement and mold removal.

6/10/18    #24

Milford, VA 22514 United States

Dog kennel flooring.

6/9/18    #23

Defiance, OH 43512 United States

We have a poured cement parking area in front of our home that is cracked and has rust stains, chips. It looks terrible and would like to see what we can do about it. Maybe Graniflex?

6/9/18    #22

Fayetteville, OH 45118 United States

We have a fiberglass pool that is cracked!! Had a company come out to fix it, it was ready to paint and we received a large amount of rain and it busted the bottom and side out of the pool, looking into options of what if anything can be done to repair our pool

6/8/18    #21

Chapel Hill, NC 27516 United States

I'm looking for cost/quote for a metallic epoxy coating for our garage.

6/8/18    #20

Ada, OH 45810 United States

I have a 5 x 18 foot front porch, Spilled paint and probably won't get it all stripped off. Wondering what to do.

6/7/18    #19

Delta, OH 43515 United States

We have concrete counters in our kitchen, that need sealed. 

6/7/18    #18

Cypress, TX 77433 United States

Garage floor.  20’1” x 29’2.5”

6/6/18    #17

Leland, NC 28451 United States

I would like to get an estimate on a 2 car garage. It's a brand new house.

6/5/18    #16

Harrisonburg, VA 22802 United States

 I have carpet in my in law suite currently and there is concrete underneath. The carpet is stained and I want to replace it with something more durable. 

6/5/18    #15

Dublin, OH 43016 United States

I am looking for someone to place epoxy over the current travertine tile on my outdoor kitchen countertop. 

6/5/18    #14

Columbus, OH 43220 United States

Our garage has an area under where one of the cars sits that over the years has become badly pitted. It's not a large area and not the entire 2-car garage. I've avoided doing anything with it since I thought it would require the entire quadrant to be jack-hammered up and replaced, but I read online about a polymer-modified cement that can be mixed with water, applied with a trowel to a very small thinness and that it will be even stronger than the cement underneath. I'm not looking for "pretty" or even something to last another 40 years, but I'd like it repaired before this coming winter when the water and road salt continues to deteriorate the flooring. 

6/4/18    #13

Auburn, IN 46706 Unite States

We put up a new building and want to get the floor painted and possibly fix some imperfections in the concrete

6/4/18    #12

Fort Wayne, IN 46835 United States

New construction... unsealed concrete garage...735 sq. ft.

6/4/18    #11

Greer, SC 29650 United States

Looking for a marble look to match a dark blue kitchen with oak cabinets. Mahogany wood floors surround the rest of the house.

6/4/18    #10

Wilmington, NC 28411 United States

We have a kitchen with stained concrete floors that have started to wear and we were hoping to get an estimate on getting the floor resurfaced. The room is approx. 275 square feet.  

6/4/18    #9

Granger, IN 46530 United States

Want to have the floor in our garage done. Currently having the walls and ceiling redone and want to cap in off with a new look floor.

6/4/18    #8

New Providence, PA 17560 United States

I'm looking to finish my basement and after having a lot of water in it, I wanted something waterproof and durable. We have had it waterproofed now. I want a wooden look.

6/3/18    #7

Burr Ridge, IL 60527 United States

 I would like to fix my concrete driveway.

6/3/18    #6

Logansport, IN 46947 United States

My wife and I are buying a house that has a concrete from porch. It is a pretty large porch but we feel the wood rustic flooring look would really be good.

6/3/18    #5

Raleigh, NC 27613 United States

Actually I have two different projects to address: My garage surface about 700 sq. ft . Then my driveway around 80 ft. long.

6/2/18    #4

Napoleon, OH 43545 United States

Our entryway to front door has outdoor carpet on concrete, 50 years old.  Want to remove and replace with decorative look. Would like to see your samples.  epoxy coating or stamped concrete is possible.

6/2/18    #3

Raleigh, NC 27614 United States

Residential home driveway, about 2,000 sf. Portion of driveway (about 20% directly in front of house) with surface erosion, pitting. Wanted temporizing cosmetic solution to make it look better, stabilize it, etc... to delay replacement. Hoping there is a decorative coating that would work. Would need to be light cream color so it is similar in color to other driveways in our neighborhood.  Not sure if overlay solution would work.

6/2/18    #2

Harrisonburg, VA 22801 United States

Would like to get an estimate to epoxy about 625 sq. ft. of a 2 car garage.  Would like a darker gray to black color with chips. 

6/1/18    #1

Oxford, OH 45056 United States

Would you be interested in bidding on a 3 season room concrete floor that is 154 sq. ft.,?