How to earn extra money 
with your concrete business 
- Are You Missing Out?

A great solution of how to earn extra money with your decorative concrete business is a pretty simple one. If you're like most contractors, you sell your concrete stain, overlay, epoxy (or whatever finish you're pushing), complete the project and then walk away with exactly the amount of your original sale. If that's you, are you missing out on some easy and quick $$.

Offer Your Customer 
Something They Need 
& Will Gladly Pay You For!

A proven application that is inexpensive and extremely easy to install in just a few hours (depending on the size) is a water-based penetrating sealer to protect your customer's other concrete areas. You can utilize the same simple sales tools that I use to get the sale and add some quick money to your business by offering something that is needed by everyone that has a concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio . . . etc!

Unlike film-forming sealers, the penetrating sealer that we use is a reactive product that chemically alters the surface of the concrete (by glassifying it) creating a water resistant membrane protecting the surface from water penetration that causes damage. At the same time, the appearance (color) and texture of the surface is not changed in any way like other sealers do.

"The Concrete Protector" is the highest quality penetrating hydrophobic sealer on the market today. It is formulated, packaged and delivered with the environment in mind - each one quart bottle of super concentrated "Concrete Protector" produces two and a half gallons of high quality sealer for 425 - 500 sq ft of coverage.

Wash your concrete and spray on! It's that easy! VOC compliant with Federal and local VOC laws. Packed in concentrated quart sized bottles to save on shipping (why pay for shipping water when you can add it?) and when mixed with water it makes 2.5 gallons of sealer (You dilute the concentrated sealer 9:1 with water or 2 1/4 gallons of water to 1 quart of concentrated concrete protector).

How to earn extra money 
with this product

At the momment, I'm charging $.50 a sq ft for 1000 sq ft or over and $.60 a sq ft for under 1000 sq ft. If you're a contractor, your cost per quart = $62.25 (which = 2.5 gallons of ready to use sealer and will get you 425 - 500 sq ft of coverage).

So for example, if you had 1300 sq ft to seal & you charged $.50 a sq ft, you would have a $650 sale. You would use 3 bottles of concentrated sealer ($186.75 your cost) = $463.25 profit. Not bad for a few hours worth of easy power washing and spraying some sealer down (I absolutely love these jobs)!

Remember, the Concrete Protector sealer is just for when you want to just sell a "Clean & Seal" application on plain concrete (it's not an acrylic sealer). It does not change the color of the conrete at all & doesn't change the texture of the surface.

Another thing I love about these sealer jobs is that you can powerwash in the morning, go to lunch, come back & spray the sealer down (if surface is not dry is a few areas - use a leaf blower). We use a battery operated backpack sprayer (attached to a hand cart) - couldn't be easier - & no masking at all!

Benefits of offering this application

  • Easy sale (everyone with concrete NEEDS it)
  • Easy install
  • Low cost for customer
  • Low cost for installer
  • Great profits in just a few hours!

Watch a few of the videos below about the sealer, buy some yourself to try it out or contact me if you have any questions and within no time, there will be no doubt in your mind about how to earn extra money with your decorative concrete business!

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