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February 2018

2/28/18    #54

Monroe, OH 45050 United States

Would like the decorative epoxy floor done in my basement. I just had a flood and am in the process of getting the carpet and padding out and drying and would like a quote for the decorative epoxy flooring to see how it differs from recarpeting?

2/28/18     #53

Cincinnati, OH 45244 United States

Looking to get the floor redone in a detached garage.

2/28/18    #52

LaGrange, IN 46761 United States

Would like to obtain estimate for epoxy coating on our lake home garage floor.

2/28/18    #51

Leland, NC 98451 United States

I'm reaching out to epoxy flooring contractors for bids/quotes on applying an epoxy surface to my 2 bay 480 sq. ft. garage. 

2/27/18    #50

Canton, MI 48188 United States

To get a quote for a 2,400 square foot indoor play area for dogs.

2/27/18    #49

Fort Wayne, IN 46835 United States

 I have a screened-in porch with a concrete floor with a smooth finish. When it rains, the floor becomes very slippery. At least one fall has occurred. I wonder if you can do something that will make the floor less slippery when wet and that will also look attractive. I have looked online at some of your applications, and they look very nice. 

2/27/18    #48

Tipp City, OH 45371 United States

30x30 concrete...Wanting dark blue metallic epoxy floor.

2/27/18    #47

Fort Wayne, IN 46835 United States

We recently moved into an older home where the driveway is pitted. I am looking for options to make it look nicer. Decided to investigate resurfacing as opposed to tear out and reinstall.

2/27/18    #46

Springfield, OH 45503 United States

I have ceramic tile in my kitchen and would like to know if a silver/marble tile could be put over it and how much it would cost.

2/26/18    #45

Sterling Heights, MI 48045 United States

 I was looking to get an estimate to redo my living room and family room floors. We are looking to replace the carpet with stained/etched concrete. The two areas are roughly 600 sq. ft. 

2/26/18    #44

Beverly Hils, MO 48025 United States

Rustic Concrete wood...1,000-5,000 sq. ft.

2/26/18    #43

Fort Thomas, KY 41075 United States

I have a basement that I would like to replaced current solution with decorative concrete solution.  I am doing this so that I do not have to level the floor.  The home was built in 1936.

2/25/18    #42

Park Hills, KY 41011 United States

Concrete floor needs staining.

2/25/18    #41

Lebanon, OH 45036 United States

I'd like my concrete basement floor painted in epoxy paint. 

2/23/18   #40

Verona, VA 24482 United States

I need a quote on repairing and sealing 2 containment areas around above ground tanks at our facility.  

2/23/18    #39

Winona Lake, IN 46590 United States

We have a basement that with immense floods like we have had this week will leak up from the floor. It only does this during extreme flooding but we cannot are paying money for carpeting again only do possibly have it ruined 6-10 years later. Is your flooring an option for us?

2/21/18    #38

Broadway, VA 22815 United States

Looking to do my garage floor and possible driveway.

2/21/18    #37

Kokomo, IN 46901 United States

 had my kitchen and utility redone 4 yrs ago. The flooring I hate. linoleum that I bought. If you step on anything such as a small piece of stone it punctures into the flooring. Nice sub flooring was also laid. I also had the same flooring done in my bathroom and by front door. My biggest concern is the deterioration of the concrete steps to my back door. I have fallen a couple of times because the cement just gives away when you step on it.

 2/21/18    #36

Winnetka, IL 60093 United States

Garage floor Refinishing. 2 car garage. Want to look at decorative options.

2/21/18    #35

Germantown, OH 45327 United States

We would like to have epoxy installed in my father’s 1947 basement. We are presently emptying the basement so that the carpet can be removed.

2/20/18    #34

Omaha, NE 68104 United States

I have a very old house with a concrete floor that needs to be refinished, stained and sealed.  The basement isn't that large and I have removed the carpeting already.  

2/20/18    #33

Indianapolis, IN 46278 United States

My wife and I are building a house and would like to finish our radiant heat slab with a faux wood (or possibly slate) concrete finish. 

2/19/18    #32

Colorado Springs, CO 80920 United States

I am trying to get a quote to see if it's less to do this method than installing wood/laminate flooring ourselves. 

2/19/18    #31

Prescott, AZ 86303 United States

RV garage - epoxy floor coating on the 20' X 45' floor (new concrete) 900 sf..
House garage - between 650 and 700 sf.

2/18/18    #30

Omaha, NE 68104 United States

My very old basement needs to be ground down, stained and sealed.  The surface isn't ideal and has some cracks but I just want it cleaned up and looking better.

2/17/18    #29

Knoxville, TN 37923 United States

Possibly buying a new house and wanted to know how much a blue epoxy floor for one bedroom would be, possibly per sq inch.

2/17/18    #28

Lansing, TN 37770 United States

 I need 350 sq. ft. of very durable epoxy, like for a commercial garage in my basement for my dog mud room. It needs to stand up to weekly washings and leveled in the low areas near the walls to drain properly toward the drain in the middle of the floor.

2/17/18    #27

California, KY 41007 United States

Basement concrete polishing about 6-700 sq. ft. Black polished/epoxy look or brown /caramel. 

2/16/18    #26

Fort Wayne, IN 46816 United States

Just want a nice looking floor to work on .

2/16/18    #25

Fort Wayne, IN 46808 United States

We have torn tile up from our existing concrete floor and we want to sand/grind the glue off and polish the concrete underneath. This is a commercial business and we will be using this space for open offices. No specialty coating or anything craziness just need our existing concrete to have a glossy finish!

2/15/18    #24

Cary, NC 27513 United States

 Need estimates for our commercial building floor / metallic epoxy and residential garage as well.

2/15/18   #23

Oak Ridge, TN 37830 United States

I am adding a 1,000SF  break room and looking to have the  done with a coating and also the men's bathroom 200SF.

2/15/18    #22

Raymond, NE 68428 United States

Remodeling basement and would like an epoxy floor in bathroom and utility room 25ft x 14ft

2/13/18    #21

Ripon, CA 95366 United States

 Interested in seeing what it would cost to do area of my house in one of the many options you have to offer.

2/13/18    #20

Elkhart, IN 46516 United States

Need a quote for applying epoxy in my basement bedroom.

2/12/18    #19

Charleston, WV 25314 United States

Basement area has been flooded multiple times most recently from a water main break last July. Area has a sump pump, but power was also out at the time. We now have a standby generator in operation. We would like to consider coating the concrete floor ,previously covered by linoleum tile years ago, as a play area for grandchildren. We are never going to place carpet, wood, or linoleum flooring there again, but may use an area rug. The sump pump system has the baseboard diversion installed. 

2/12/18    #18

McComb, OH 45858 United States

I am looking for some information on an epoxy type floor as I just bought the house a couple years ago and the previous homeowners stated that. It is now in need of some repairs. 

2/10/18    #17

Camdenton, MO 65020 United States

New home with center court yard. Large front porch, and garage.

2/10/18    #16

Elkron, VA 22827 United States

 New construction...1,000-5,000 sq. ft.

2/10/18    #15

Franklin, TN 37067 United States

 I am looking to extend a small patio to create usable outdoor space, as well as add a walkway from the patio to the driveway. The current patio is concrete outlined in brick, and I'm thinking of keeping the same look for the extended patio and walkway.  

2/9/18    #14

Effingham, NH  03882 United States

Looking to finish my basement.  I build houses for a living in have a hard time finding people to do decorative concrete most of my houses are lake houses between 3,000 and 8,000 ft².

2/8/18    #13

Cincinnati, OH 45227 United States

I would like an epoxied countertop.

2/8/18    #12

Edmond, OK 73012 United States

Garage 17 x 21... looking for epoxy finish.

2/6/18    #11

Oklahoma City, OK 73159 United States

Would like estimates for resurfacing a bath and my sunroom.

2/6/18    #10

Adairsville, GA 30103 United States

We need our pool deck area resurfaced. It has been "painted" before. Its all concrete.

2/5/18    #9

Wymore, NE 68466 United States

We have a garage floor that we need repaired and treated.  It has some cracks and we put a cheaper epoxy on 4 years ago and it is all coming off.  Would love to have it refurbished professionally. 

2/5/18    #8

Albion, IN 46701 United States

Wanting a quote for the front patio, back patio, garage, and basement. Wanting ideas on options, colors, and styles.

2/5/18    #7

Louisburg, KS 66053 United States

Curious about the cost of refinishing my basement floor.

2/5/18    #6

Raleigh, NC 27603 United States

I’m finishing my basement. It’s about 1,200 sq. ft.  I would like a dark grey or black metallic floor. 

2/5/18    #5

Indianapolis, IN 46278 United States

My wife and I are building a house. We're looking for either a faux wood concrete finish or faux slate to go throughout the interior of the house (it will be a slab on grade with radiant heat)....Approx. 1,600 sq. ft.

2/4/18    #4

Newton Grove, NC 28366 United States

Need advice on carport flooring.

2/3/18    #3

Findlay, OH 45840 United States

Interested in finished basement decorative concrete finish - 2 separate areas- approx. 600 sq. ft. Considering epoxy, epoxy flake coating or possible marble look. (tan, beige, brown colors) 

2/3/18    #2

Friendsville, MD 21531 United States

I am building a garage and looking to get durable coating for floor 28'x36'.

2/2/18    #1

Cary, NC 27513 United States

I need my entire downstairs completed. I would like some type of marble look polished concrete for the basement (walk out) area and was wondering if I could get an estimate. I think its around 1,000 sq. ft (1 large room, 1 bathroom, and 1 bedroom).