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February 2017

2/28/17    #79

Morton Grove, IL 60053 United States

Residential project...500-1,000 sq. ft...Basement.

2/28/17    #78

Titusville, FL 32780 United States

Checking to see if I can afford to have about 900 sq. feet resurfaced because the house I have just bought has punk carpet.

2/28/17    #77

Morgantown, WV 26505 United States

Looking for stained concrete flooring in basement.

2/28/17    #76

Minneapolis, MN 55417 United States

My kitchen floor is concrete, but it ‘s decorative surface coat is chipping off, there are some deep cracks and larger chips out of the floor in various places as well. I’d love to have it repaired and refinished, but it goes underneath our counters and I do not want to re-do the whole kitchen. Is this something you may be able to assist with, and possibly provide a quote on?

2/28/17    #75

Erlanger, KY 41018 United States

The area that needs to be resurfaced is a women's locker room in our facility.

2/28/17    #74

Pittsburgh, PA 15216 United States

Coffee shop plan--interested in acid staining--natural look.

2/28/17    #73

Fayetteville, NC 28306 United States

 My house is built on a concrete slab. My husband and I would like to rip up all the existing flooring downstairs and have the slab finished and sealed. I'm not sure if I want to stain it or just seal it. I'm leaning toward just sealing it if that could be expected to darken it a bit because I want to retain a lighter color. Our house is only four years old and we bought it new so I would assume that slab is in good condition. I believe our lower level is about 600 square feet. I'd like to find out if the cost range is something we would be able to do at this time before I proceed further with a specific estimate.

2/27/17    #72

Eustis, FL 32746 United States

Residential project...1,000-5,000 sq. ft...Concrete Staining

2/27/17    #71

Marion, OH 43302 United States

I have a 320 square ft. room that i need surfaced. It is a concrete slab. I like the cleanablity of epoxy, but I also want it to have a warm look.

2/27/17     #70

Garland, NE 68360 United States

 I have a dog kennel with a concrete floor I'd like to renovate and seal. I'm also wondering if you guys can spray epoxy on wall panels to make them durable and waterproof. We're planning to build a new facility soon, and would like to use the kennel we have now as a test subject for the larger building.

2/27/17    #69

Montgomery, TX 77356 United States

Residential project...Driveway...1,000-5,000 sq. ft.

2/27/17    #68

Union, MI 49130 United States

The guest house floor we are considering is approx. 315 sq. feet.

2/27/17    #67

North Carolina, United States

 I would like to see what it would cost to have my concrete garage floor (which has old porch paint on it) prepped, stained, and epoxied?

2/27/17    #66

Hurricane, WV 25526 United States

 The first phase of this project is going to be the bar area about 950 sq. ft. It will require glue removal from the concrete that carpet is currently on. The second phase will be the restaurant area, another 1,200 sq. ft. stained to match (in the future). This is a golf course project. 

2/27/17    #65

Odessa, FL 33556 United States

Residential Project...up to 500 sq. ft.

2/26/17    #64

Knoxville, TN 37922 United States

I have some concrete around my pool that has cracked.  Also we converted to salt water and can tell it's having impact on the concrete.  I want to resurface and get something that protects better.  Getting quotes now.

2/25/17    #63

Cary, NC 27519 United States

Small porch - approx. 8x15 - I  am just interested in a approx. quote.

2/24/17    #62

Stuarts Draft, VA 24477 United States

I have a breakroom at my plant that currently has tile. I'm looking into maybe going with something different. The tile is white and looks awful and it was replaced about 2 years ago. We make gearing and gear boxes so our guys track in a lot of grease, oil, and chemicals onto the floors. It  has turned some of the tiles yellow that we cannot get out. Someone recommended just redoing the concrete underneath and I'd like to look more into it and see what the cost would be and if its even possible or a good choice for our space. It's about a 42' X 37' space. 

2/24/17    #61

Kalida, OH 45853 United States

  We are finishing our basement and would like to have a quote for your product on a large portion of the basement.

2/24/17    #60

North Augusta, SC 29860 United States

My husband and I are considering white marveled floors. Can you please tell me what your cost per square foot is, if we have already removed all existing floors in our house? Our approximate square footage is 1,790, not subtracting for cabinetry, etc. That measurement is wall to wall at the widest points.

2/24/17    #59

Maryville, TN 37801 United States

Residential project...Garage Floor...500-1,000 sq. ft.

2/23/17    #58

Raleigh, NC 27613 United States

 Would like to see options and get a quote for refinishing patio and garage floor.

2/23/17     #57

Porter, OK 74454 United States

Residential Project...Up to 500 sq. ft...Acid Stain

2/22/17    #56

Mobile, AL 36609 United States

Need both an estimate on concrete staining and also an estimate for garage floor covering.

2/22/17    #55

Clayton, NC 27520 United States

Looking to have garage floors treated and finished or epoxyed.  

2/22/17    #54

Orlando, FL 32828 United States

I have a small screened in patio in need of a touch up.  It's a fairly small area I would say 300 square feet.  There are a few small cracks, but for the most part it is in good condition just looking a little tired.

2/22/17    #53

South Bend, IN 46635 United States

Would like to clean up floor in utility room in basement.

2/22/17    #52

Friendsville, MD 21531 United States

Interested in finishing our basement.

2/22/17    #51

Sevierville, TN 37862 United States

 Price quote. Wood look or marbled look. Finished basement flooring. Its raw concrete now.

2/22/17    #50

Toulon, IL 61483 United States

We have colored cement that has lost a lot of its sealant and now has scratches and pits in it. We need it cleaned and resealed.  Would like a estimate to do this.

2/21/17    #49

Malvern, PA 19355 United States

  I am converting a small barn into a cottage house, and the ceramic tile and flooring company I hired to do my floors informed me today that they can't lay any type of flooring over the concrete surface because it is too uneven.  I have seen a wood-looking concrete floor pattern and am interested in an estimate.

2/21/17    #48

Attica, MI 48412 United States

I have a new garage and an existing garage looking for prices on floor coverings.

2/21/17    #47

Morgantown, WV 26508 United States

My home builder did a repair about a year ago but didn't turn out like we had hoped. He also told us we had to put a stain over top of it, which again looks terrible. Would like a quote.

2/21/17    #46

Westerville, OH 43081 United States

It is a concrete front porch approx. 5x20 with 4 steps. There are a few cracks but the biggest problem is it won't hold paint very long on the steps. It needs a new look.

2/21/17    #45

Jax, FL 23323 United States

Residential Project...500-1,000 sq. ft.

2/21/17    #44

Missouri, TX 77459 United States

I am trying to get an estimate on a 1,350 sq. ft. metallic floors on a residential. Currently the home has a sealer on top of the concrete.

2/20/17    #43

Daniels, WV 25832 United States

 Have a new garage floor approx. 750 sq. ft. Want a durable 100 % solids epoxy floor with flakes. Need approx. cost.

2/20/17    #42

Hickory, NC 28601 United States

I have a 1,372 driveway- concrete, slightly inclined, that has some spalling at the top, the rest is clean. 
I am looking for options to stain it, or overlay it and seal it.
Can you provide some estimates for options to recover the driveway short of ripping it out and re-pouring it?
I also have a spalled walkway and a painted concrete porch I want done that is 238 sq. ft. I was hoping for epoxy stone or some cool texture but if there is a one solution for all of it, I'd like to know options. 

2/20/17    #41

Durham, NC 27707 United States

Residential project...500-1,000 sq. ft.

2/20/17    #40

Oklahoma City, OK 73116 United States

We want a patio poured and epoxied.

2/20/17    #39

Winter Park, FL 32792 United States

I am interested in your residential concrete polishing services and would like to request a quote. In my home, there are 3 bedrooms at a total of 535 square feet. I would like to remove the carpet in all 3 bedrooms and polish the concrete underneath. Is this possible? If so, please let me know if you need additional information or if we need to schedule an appointment in order to proceed with an estimate.

2/20/17    #38

Holden, LA 70744 United States

We need new flooring throughout our church.  It needs to be durable and able to go over uneven floors, existing commercial tiles, old asbestos sized tiles, and plain concrete floors.  
It would be the fellowship hall open areas and classrooms.

2/19/17    #37

St. Knox, IN 46534 United States

I have a concrete pool with fiberglass walls that needs repaired. Also the  surrounding area in my backyard is all concrete that needs restored!! 

2/19/17    #36

Port Clinton, OH 34352 United States

Concrete drive is scaling and would like to see what options we have for resurfacing.

2/19/17    #35

Franklin, IL 62637 United States

Interested in finishing our existing concrete basement floor.  Stain, sealant, epoxy floor,  etc...

2/19/17    #34

Elliot City, MD 21042 United States

nterested in the concrete wood look for basement. Curious to know the normal costs per square foot. 

2/18/17    #33

Bowling Green , OH 34302 United States

Restaurant commercial floor, epoxy vs tile.

2/18/17    #32

Lakeville, MN 55044 United States

We have a basement floor we may like to have done. It's about 400 sq. ft. I like the concrete that looks like wood and the marble look. I would like to know some prices.

2/18/17    #31

Woodlands, TX 77384 United States

I have a small chip about the size of a quarter...I want to know how to repair.

2/16/17    #30

Augusta, SC 29841 United States

Just ripped up the old tile in my sun room and was looking for a company to repair some damage to the concrete subfloor and give us a nice stain finish. 

2/16/17    #29

Weyers Cave, VA 24486 United States

I would like to do my covered porch. It does have some cracks that the previous seller caulked/sealed. 

2/16/17    #28

Springfield, OH 45502 United States

Want to upgrade the appearance of work areas in the plant and aisle ways.

2/16/17    #27

Indianapolis, IN 46236 United States

Residential project...1,000-5,000 sq. ft. Basement.

2/15/17    #26

Zanesville, OH 43701 United States

 Interested in staining concrete to look like wood planks in the Embers room at our church.

2/15/17    #25

Omaha, NE 68116 United States

Commercial project...500-1,000 sq. ft.

2/15/17    #24

North Carolina, United States

Pool patio area. Looking to get a quote.

2/15/17    #23

Urbandale, IA 50323 United States

 Looking to put an epoxy floor in the garage of this new home we are building.   We are thinking a non-slip surface with flakes in the epoxy.  Not really sure on colors but price whatever would be standard.

2/15/17    #22

Rockford, IL 61101 United States

 I am interested in getting a quote for 1,600 SF. For a new restaurant downtown. I am interested in epoxy.

2/15/17    #21

Greenwood, IN 46143 United States

Residential project...1,000-5,000 sq. ft. Basement

2/14/17    #20

Cincinnati, OH 45231 United States

I want metallic paint put down in my living room, dining room, 1 bedroom, and bathroom.

2/13/17    #19

Stillman Valley, IL 61084 United States

I have a fully enclosed and heated 2,600 sq. ft. barn. The concrete and building is only 3 years old. I am looking to get some ideas on floor coverings. 

2/13/17    #18

Tri Sylvania, OH 43560 United States

Residential project...500-1,000 sq. ft...Would like an estimate for stamped concrete patio.

2/13/17    #17

North Carolina, United States

We have a one-car garage that we are interested in having sealed/coated. Could I get a ballpark price to see if its in our budget?

2/13/17    #16

Mishawaka, IN 46544 United States

We are looking to get our concrete floors to be ground for preparation of an epoxy type of seal.

2/11/17    #15

Williston, ND 58801 United States

We are building a new home this year and are interested in stained concrete.  Our plan is to have radiant heat on both levels of a 1,700 sq. foot ranch, plus concrete counter tops.  Our hope is to resemble granite counter tops and wood grain floor. Some of the rooms will probably be something other than wood to control cost.  I am a diy person, but this is beyond my reach, although I would help where allowed to.

2/11/17    #14

Grimes, IA 50111 United States

I am looking at doing a design epoxy on my basement, it is about 500 sq. ft.

2/10/17    #13

Lafayette, LA 70508 United States

Residential project...500-1,000 sq. ft... Restore original look

2/9/17    #12

Lorain, OH 44053 United States

Looking to see what it would cost to stain and finish a basement floor. Would like to talk to someone on pricing and what would need to be done.

2/9/17    #11

Rapid City, SD 57703 United States

I would like to get a quote on staining a concrete floor for an office we just built.

2/9/17    #10

Raleigh, NC 27612 United States

Work for a hotel, looking to get a quote for the front entrance, not sure if you need to come out :
-322 square feet 
-390 square feet 
Would like the Sealer with Sand to be included in price. 

2/9/17    #9

Wilmington, NC 28405 United States

 Concrete sealing the floors indoor building 4,000 sq. ft. We are a print shop that does everything from signs and banners to vehicle wraps.  Also would be interested in doing trade if that is something you were interested in.   

2/9/17    #8

Roanoke, IL 61561 United States

 We have a 10 x 10 area that we need to level inside a commercial building. Can we use your product to fill in the area and level it on the surface? 

2/9/17    #7

Mobile, AL 36608 United States

We are getting ready to build and I am looking for prices. I know it would be a rough estimate but I need one as close as possible. The total square footage on the main floor will be roughly 2,300. 
This is potentially be throughout the house except for my master bathroom and I want tile. You might could even do a tile look for me in the bathroom. 

2/9/17    #6

Havelock, NC 28532 United States

Residential project... Driveway...500-1,000 sq. ft.

2/9/17    #5

Mobile, AL 36695 United States

Looking to paint the kitchen and attached laundry room with a tile pattern.

2/7/17    #4

Slidell, LA 70461 United States

I am a builder looking for an installer of the epoxy concrete finishes.  Not interested in the stains.  

2/7/17    #3

Kellogg, IA 50135 United States

I own a campground and have a bathroom/shower house along with laundry facilities that are in need of concrete polishing.

2/7/17    #2

Colorado Springs, CO 80925 United States

We are going to be ripping out older carpet and I think what is vinyl flooring on our downstairs floor. We are considering going the route of stained concrete vs laminate ... depending on the price of course.

2/7/17    #1

Greensboro, GA 30642 United States

Residential project...685 sq. ft...Basement...Epoxy flake