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If you're searching for a decorative concrete contractor in your area -

"My online markekting has sky rocketed since I have discovered you and the Kingdom. Thanks a ton! I have received no less than 5 jobs in the last 3 months because of the Kingdom." - Blake Henning Foxcrete Designs

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If you're a contractor - you are invited to list your information below.

What makes this directory
different than others?

  • You get a full page - not the typical three line listing sandwiched between a bunch of other ones like you'd find at other directories or antique yellow pages. Use this page to showcase your business (what you do, how you do it, where you do it & so on). Add all the information that you want - the more, the better (potential customers from your area will find your page so it's a good idea to put your best foot forward). Even add job photos or your logo!

  • A map of your state/province with your location pin-pointed at your home town - your business name and link to your contact form will pop-up when visitors click on your map marker (a great way to show your page visitor how close you are to them).

  • If you don't have your own website yet (which we highly recommend that you do), your listing will give you an instant web presence on this highly trafficked, decorative concrete contractor niche website.

  • Social Networking features are included with your page to help you get the word out about your page and your business. Visitors can click the Facebook "Like" or the Google + button (which are strategically placed smack-dab in the middle of your page). This places a link to your page on the Facebook wall or Google + feed of everyone that clicks "Like" or "+" (your link is also automatically placed on the feed of every friend of the person that clicked "Like" or "+" (you're in front of 100's of "eyes" with one click - true viral promotion!). Also, a simple click at the very bottom of the page and you can tweet on Twitter or share on Facebook - hey . . . why not give your page visitors every shot at promoting you?!

List Your Business Below!

The Decorative Concrete Kingdom contractor directory can help your business in the following ways:

  • Your page is in front of YOUR local customers. When they search for your services, they'll find your page on If they're serious about getting some work done, they'll contact you!.
  • Multiple links on your page will take your potential customers to a personalized custom contact form that lets the customer contact you. Not only does your customer get a personalized success message from you after submitting the form, but we'll set-up an auto-response email to automatically go to the customer's email (thanking them again for contacting you and letting them know that you'll be in touch with them shortly). ALSO, at the same time the customer is getting that email, you're automatically getting an email letting you know all the info that was submitted by the customer!

**On the top of your page you'll get a bunch on CONTACT links
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And on the lower part of your page, there are a bunch more
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We will submit all of the necessary on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) criteria for your business page to the search engines - so customers in your area can find you! Not only do this as we first build your page, but we continue to monitor the page and tweak it with incoming link promotion to drive the page higher in the rankings for your main keywords (you services) and target market.

As crazy as it sounds, your page will most likely land on THE FIRST PAGE of the search engines within only 45 minutes of publishing it (for the keywords that you're going after - your service combined with your target market - example: Stamped Concrete Chicago). Typically this happens with Bing & Yahoo first and Google takes a few days. We''ve checked this multiple times with new listings and it happens every time we work a little " SEO magic" with a new page!

How much does a listing cost?

Payment Option # 1

Initial set-up fee of $99 then 24 monthly lease payments of $49 (paid by ACH). LOCKED-IN monthly pricing going forward if agreement not cancelled/payments not missed.

Payment Option # 2

$495 per year with no initial set-up fee.  24 month lease. 2 yearly payments of $495 (paid by ACH).  LOCKED-IN yearly pricing going forward if agreement not cancelled/payments not missed.

How to sign up:

Sign contract / lease agreement

Fill out ACH payment form

Fax completed form to 855-792-7343


Email to

The membership is PROVEN and there is no doubt it works . . . so much so, that the price should really be 3X+ the cost that it is.  If someone is not willing to invest a few hundred bucks in their business, then we're not willing to give them the opportunity to get thousands of dollars worth of local work. 

I don't know about you, but I've blown plenty of dollars on things like newspaper advertising which brought in nothing in sales. The beautiful thing about being at the right spot in the search engines for what you do in your target market is this - only the people that are actively searching for what you do are the people that are seeing your page (you're not hoping to grab random person's attention in a newspaper ad). Even I have a personalized listing on the site (which landed me a several good paying jobs). A few thousand dollars in profit for a few days worth of work is proof enough that having a page on the site is a great idea!

Invest Now!

"I have tried pay per click, concrete network, online yellow pages, and the list goes on and on. When I saw how Andy markets his business online I was very impressed! (Andy, you definitely stepped it up with the social aspect of the Kingdom btw!)

I was spending around 400-500 per month in online advertising before I first talked to Andy. Now I pay zero in online advertising and show up online twice as good! I get 90% of my leads online just from showing up well on search engines. Blogging has boosted my leads by at least 50% Follow Andy's advice and you will find internet success!!!"  B. Henning, Mobile, Alabama