Effectiveness of Premium Membership

"To all contractors looking to boost their business i would definitely recommend this online referral system. I have received great leads and it payed for itself and more on the very first one i got and the system works flawlessly as i get a text and an e-mail simultaneously".                                                      

- John Artysiewicz,  WCR

"Whatever you are doing, keep it up please! I received 2 residential and a big commercial job request in the past 3 days….just an fyi, I have received 12 bid requests since August 12 and sold 7 of them. Do you have a discount for Lifetime Member?? Lol.  Thanks for all your help, looking forward to working with you in 2016!"

- Chip Matthews, Knoxcrete Inc

"Thanks for the job!!!! I'm closing the deal on a airplane hanger. 5000 sq ft metallic and the wood look concrete."

- Joe Ballor, Advanced Epoxy Floors

"Another lead from the Decorative Concrete Kingdom, and another SIGNED contract. In just over a month, I've gotten 13 solid leads from my page on that site; and 75 in total, with one contract worth $64,000."

 - Jim Moore, Flexible Concrete Solutions

"I just checked and I had 28 leads this last year all coming from the Decorative Concrete Kingdom site.  While I've not done the best follow-up with leads and been the best "closer" to land new jobs, I still did well over $10 grand worth of work from the leads I've got from DC Kingdom this year.  Not bad for the small investment required to be a member".

- John Hoxmeier, Concrete Surface & Design

"DCK is a great source of advertisement for our business. Andy's tips on how to upload blogs, pictures, videos, etc. helps keep us above the competition on search engines. Its a great value considering we landed a job for $16,000 (metallic epoxy basement) from a customer finding us on DCK. I will be a premium year for years and years to come. PS. Andy's customer service is the best." 

 - Premier Concrete Coatings, Columbus OH

"Just landed a $46,000 off a lead from you!"

- Chris Hicks Boyd - G2 Floorscapes LLC

"I just got a great lead on a 30 x 60 basement. It came from the ladies in Indiana, but when he looked me up on the internet he found me on your site which has given him a positive and secure feeling about me and my company."

 John McKeon - Alternative Waterproofing Solutions

"Techne Concrete has been particularly happy with the  Decorative Concrete Kingdom. The king sends us new leads weekly and this  turns into huge profits. The Premium Membership has been money well spent. You cannot buy better leads anywhere for the price. Get ready to start a whole of work when you get your Premium Membership. Thanks King! "

 - Scott Henning - Techne Concrete, Little Rock Arkansas

"I have just passed the 1 year anniversary of my company's membership with Decorative Concrete Kingdom.  The leads I have received have all been good ones.  Soon after I joined and with Andy's keyword help I quickly moved up to the first page on most Google searches that were performed with keywords and my area in the search box.  Since then Andy has done a major upgrade to the site.  The benefits will exponentially help my business both with quality leads and access to the current new training techniques as well as the ability to interact with other contractors to share ideas and help solve problems.  Even after 1 year on the website I still have improvements that I need to do that Andy has spelled out in simple to follow instructions to drive even more business to my company.  With all the different ways to advertise our services, I am getting the best return on my dollar from the Decorative Concrete Kingdom site." 

- Bill Rudy - Dream Crete of Ohio

"Joining the Decorative Concrete Kingdom is one the best business decisions we have made.  We get leads on almost a daily basis and sometimes several a day.  Where else can you spend so little money on advertising and get such amazing results?  I highly recommend joining the Decorative Concrete Kingdom!!!"

- Mark Weller, Artistic Resinous Coatings

"I want to tell you I am really pleased with signing up for the DC Kingdom.  I joined right when you were doing the transition to the new servers. Once you gave me the go ahead to load all my pics on the site, I had my first lead for a home being built in the Dayton area.  I was impressed on how fast I got my first lead in and the customer was glad to hear back from me. I just so happened to have a home show I was displaying at and he got to come talk with me there." 

- Tom Eilerman - Dynamic Engraved Concrete LLC

The Premium membership price is well worth the return! We have had 2 good leads this week already.

- Duane Howell - 3D Concrete Solutions - Springfield IL

"I highly recommend the DCK site to help bring in leads. It has paid for itself many times over! Simply post your best job pics on the site and the customers will be able to see your portfolio."

- Mark Ferguson - Artistic Concrete Transformations

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