There are some changes on Decorative Concrete Kingdom that I have to let you know about.

The real benefit

The focus of the site has changed since it originated in 2011. I quickly discovered that the real benefit of the site was not in better search rankings and increased traffic for listed contractors as I first thought. The real benefit was direct lead generation!

Site visitors were contacting me (instead to clicking to you)

After plenty of people contacted me requesting quotes for work (patios in Texas, driveways in NJ . . . etc.) I got finally got smart and created personalized contact forms for each contractor listed (I thought it would be a good idea to direct customers directly to you . . . I certainly couldn't do anything for them).

Directory pages became more involved

When directory pages were first created - they were generated by the contractor (what you entered into the form is exactly what would show up on your page) and I really had no involvement in creating page (other than setting up the code to make it happen).

I then began tweaking a few of the pages for better search engine optimization and found that the "tweaked" pages were performing much better than the others.

Things became pricey

I toyed with the idea of placing ads on contractors pages to pay for the time, effort and expense it was taking (web hosting and professional contact form expenses have cost me a good amount of $).

The thought of distracting the page visitor with ads was something I just couldn't do. I even ran a few tests and didn't like it - the goal needed to be to get the customer to fill out your form (not click on an ad).

I had to start charging

As of this past November, I have been charging new contractors to be listed on the directory side of the site (as part of the "Premium Membership" ($261 a year or $29 a month).

Traffic is on the rise

With the addition of the social network on the site, traffic on the site is steadily going up. The increased traffic is bringing increased leads to listed contractors (and to those utilizing some of the free features on the social network).

A few of you haven't got any leads yet, some have got a few and others of you have gotten a bunch (leads are coming in now on a daily basis).

To make it fair to those paying the premium membership, there has to be some sort of compensation for leads.

No, I'm not going to make you pay to be listed (like the new guys have to do) but I am going to implement a PAY-PER-LEAD program for existing contractors.

While it is much more effective to actually have the premium membership (I've improved quite a bit of the directory page features & have given more benefits for premium members on the social side of the site), I have to implement the pay per lead program for those of you that have listed previously.

These are and will be leads that are coming in exclusively for you from people in your local area. The leads will not be given to anyone else (unless you decline or fail to accept the lead within 48 hours of the lead being generated).


With the Pay-Per-Lead program, you pay only for leads as they come in. You will receive information about the lead without the customer contact information. You click on the purchase lead now button and pay for the lead. Your cost per exclusive lead is only $65.00 and you pay only if you want the lead.

Leads may come to you not just from your directory page, but may come from the plenty of leads that are coming in from my various sites across the web (if the customer is in your area, I'll be contacting you to see if you want the lead).

No longer will leads with full contact details show up in your in box, instead you'll be getting an email from me seeing if you want the lead or not.

While I strongly recommend the Premium Membership (read more about it at:, to get the added benefits (plus the ability to receive all the leads that come in from your area at NO EXTRA COST or Pay-Per-Lead cost) I know some of you won't act - but that's ok, the choice to accept the lead or not is up to you.

If you want to have an improved SEO powerful page with leads instantly coming to your email and cell phone with text messages notifying you of it (plus 24 hour-a-day reports showing you your contact page views, leads and lead conversion rates), be sure and sign-up for the Premium membership.

There are plenty more benefits than just leads for having a premium membership: detailed marketing help, and exclusive premium member training in the group area on the free social network side of the site.

If you haven't already, please visit and join (many contractors have received requests for quotes directly from their pictures, videos or project blog pages there).

Thanks for understanding

I've enjoyed getting to know many of you over the last year or so and being able to offer you good leads and marketing help. I hope I can continue to help in any way that I can in the future.


Andy Franklin
Decorative Concrete Kingdom
SupremeCrete Inc.