Basement Flooring

When considering basement flooring options, most people only consider the typical products: carpet, tile, vinyl, wood or floor paint. Don't be lead into the traditional methods - many times they're doomed for failure. Basement floors are prone to (the exciting and fun) water damage that can occur during a heavy rain.

Even if it is something that happens just once every 10 - 20 years, it is a nightmare having to remove damp and moldy carpet and carpet padding (just see how well that linoleum stays nice and flat after soaking in some water for just a little bit!).

After proper hydrostatic testing (checking for any water problems) on the basement floor, you'll know whether or not if your floor is a good candidate for one of the many decorative concrete options available.  Even with moisture problems, there is a solution solve it (any coating can be placed over this "moisture vapor barrier".

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Basement Flooring

A common decorative concrete option for your basement is a vinyl chip epoxy application as shown in the two close-up pictures below.

With just a slight change in the chip color blend, you can really change the look (which may not be as noticable in these close-up shots - but if you would be looking across the complete floor, the overall look of one would look like a completely different color than the other. If you gave the floor another layer of epoxy, you would extremely change texture of the floor surface.

Basement Flooring Chip Blend One Coat Of Epoxy

Notice the difference of the close-up pictures above and below of a vinyl epoxy chip floor (with 100% coverage).

The picture above and below are the exact same five color combination except the main color in the chips is at a 62% blend of a tan color in the above picture and it is at a 62% blend of a gray color in the one below. Also, the picture on top has only one layer of a clear 100% solids epoxy on it and the one below has two layers of a clear 100% solids epoxy on it.

Basement Flooring Gray Chip Blend Two Coats Of Epoxy


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