Basement Flooring 
Hardwood Texture - Concrete Wood

On this basement flooring makeover, the homeowners were really wanting a rustic look to the floor. This was a newer home and they had just started working on the basement to finish it off. With a wood burning stove on one side, and a bar on the other side, they were looking to find a super durable flooring option that would complement the manufactered stone that they had put on the walls, supporting posts and around the bar area. 

We've done a number of our Hardwood Texture applications before but this one was a little different than any we've done. The homeowners said that they've seen wood floors done at a 45 degree angle and wondered if we could design it that way as well.

Knowing that it would be a bit more difficult to pull off - we were up to the challenge and we quickly told them that it would be no problem (sometimes it's best to be confident up front and figure it all out later)!

The video below shows the complete job from start to finish:

Here's a picture of the floor by the wood burner before we got started with any preparation work:

Concrete Wood - Before picture in basement

Day two on the job, we used fiber tape to design the wood planks (with various sizes) running at a 45 degree angle (as you can see, we already had put down a dark gray polymer cement base coat on day one):

Basement Flooring Concrete Wood Taped

Here's the after picture of the wood burner area - stained, with a clear coat of 100% solids epoxy and a coat of urethane:

Concrete Wood Basement

The bar area turned-out awesome too (the angle of the wood continued around the back side of the bar as well):

Basement Flooring Bar Area

One of the things that really sets this flooring application off is the hand staining of individual boards. With some boards darker than others, it adds a whole bunch of realism to the look of our Hardwood Texture!


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