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April 2018

4/19/18    #27

Charlottesville, VA 22911 United States

We are a General Contractor, pricing an up fit at a commercial building that our client is in the process of buying.  Approx. 1,800 sf. will be up fitted for food processing. The existing concrete floor would need an epoxy coating that would need to cove up the walls at the perimeter to provide a wash-duty environment. 

4/18/18    #26

Houston, TX 77044 United States

I would like a quote on epoxy countertops.

4/17/18    #25

Chattanoga, TN 37415 United States

Residential project...up to 500 sq. ft.

4/17/18    #24

Apex, NC 27539 United States

 I have 1,140 sq. ft. that was epoxy coated 15 years ago. There are a couple of long deep creeks in it. There are several spots where the epoxy has pulled up some surface concrete.

4/17/18    #23

Findlay, OH 45840 United States

Want to resurface our garage floor.

4/14/18   #22

Harrisonburg, VA 22802 United States

I am with the art gallery downtown. Our front entrance looks dreadful: it was originally terrazzo, which has been patched with concrete. The concrete has cracked, etc. etc.  What would it take to make the surface lovely again? 

4/13/18    #21

Little Rock, AR 72223 United States

Currently have a porch with stain, need it refinished and updated.

4/12/18    #20

Dallas City, IL 62330 United States

I would like to have the hardwood plank look put on my concrete.

4/12/18    #19

Gulfport, MS 39503 United States

 We have a new construction home with a 6 months old 400 sq. ft. NEVER USED concrete floor.  We want to have a high quality coating applied to the floor.

4/11/18    #18

Ashland, MO 65010 United States

Residential project...up to 500 sq. ft.

4/10/18    #17

Roselle, IL 60172 United States

 We will be building a new home . I'd like a price to seal the garage floor, it's approximately 24 x 22.  And also, I'd like a price to seal the basement floor, that's approximately 50 x 50 overall.  I'd also like price options for a design in the floor in the garage and possibly in some of the basement.

4/9/18    #16

Omaha, NE 68102 United States

After a couple of years, we've had some wear and tear/chipping/cracking that we'd like to get repaired. We're also looking for a bid on eventually getting the floors completely redone. 

4/8/18    #15

Sanford, IL 32771 United States

 Need a high gloss finish for a garage/wood shop, slicker the better for cleaning the saw dust. Will consider any finish that is reasonable durable to a kick stand and occasional dropped chisel.

4/8/18    #14

Springfield, IL 62711 United States

Would like epoxy floor in my two-car garage.

4/8/18    #13

Fort Wayne, IN 46845 United States

Need 3.5-4 car garage epoxied.

4/7/18    #12

Denver, CO 80211 United States

Residential Project...500-1,000 sq. ft...We want to finish a basement floor.

4/7/18    #11

Pekin, IL 61554 United States

Residential project...Driveway...1,000-5,000 sq. ft.

4/6/18    #10

Harriman, UT 84096 United States

Residential project...500-1,000 sq. ft.

4/5/18    #9

Rockingham, VA 22801 United States

There are 3 porches that we want all to match. They are: 5'2" x 18'3", 13'6" x 18', and 4'6" x 5'.

4/5/18    #8

Goshen, IN 46526 United States

 I'ma business. I have a client that is thinking of stamped concrete. I don't do concrete so I'm looking for a contractor to bring in on the project.

4/3/18    #7

Fort Smith, AR 72901 United States

I would like to discuss doing my entire main floor of our house in the etched concrete tile look. The downstairs is approximately 2,500 square feet.

4/3/18    #6

Red Oak, IA 51566 United States

We would like our 3 car garage floor upgraded for better look and easier cleaning.

4/3/18    #5

Sterling Heights, MI 48313 United States

I would like a quote to epoxy paint my 2 car garage...approximately 18' x 20'

4/3/18    #4

Fostoria, OH 44830 United States

I'm planning on putting up an outbuilding and will need a 30' X 50' slab. 

4/2/18    #3

Cincinnati, OH 45315 United States

We are remodeling our basement and are thinking of getting epoxy flooring. I am not a fan of carpet - especially in the basement. Our basement is close to 1,000 square feet - give or take a few. I haven't measured it closely. We're having it water-proofed and would want to do the flooring before we start rebuilding walls. 

4/2/18    #2

Pittsburgh, PA 15229 United States

We currently have concrete countertops that we installed ourselves about 7 years ago. They are flaking, chipping and have many uneven places and I am currently searching for our best option on how to repair them. We need help from an expert!

4/1/18    #1

San Diego, CA 92123 United States

Can you cover clay pavers?