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Undergoing Great Changes
October 29, 2012

Awesome Changes Are Coming

Awesome changes are coming to the Decorative Concrete Kingdom site this fall/winter!

Some things are already in the works and in "Beta / pre-launch" mode.

A few of you already know of some the changes that I'm talking about, but I'd like to explain a few new things that may become VERY useful to your decorative concrete business.

NEW Social Networking

A new "Social Networking" side of the Decorative Concrete Kingdom site is up and running (extremely new - like 3 weeks old new) and I wanted to invite you to join - it will become quite popular!

The social side of the Kingdom site is a full-blown decorative concrete social network where each member can have their own free blog/page with beneficial links back to their site. Blogging about projects has generated a WHOLE BUNCH of local work for me & I would like to help others do so as well!

Here, you'll be able to upload Search Engine Optimized pictures, video, promote training events, start your own groups (company or application specific maybe), messaging with members, live chat . . . and oh yeah, there will be a forum there as well.

Generate Local Leads For Your Business!

It's been fully tested and it's working great as a tool for contractors to generate leads for their business by uploading keyword rich photos, videos and "Project Blogs" to their page.

In fact, I'm already ranking on the first page (for the target market & the concrete service focused on in each post) on ALL the search engines for the several blog posts that I've been testing with - the test posts are in the #1 spot on page one on Google in some situations!

Most of us do not have unlimited advertising dollars to spend trying to generate leads for our business. That's why ranking on page one (organic - non paid/ad rankings) for your target market (the city or town that your marketing to) is the very best way to have a constant stream of local people find what they're looking for!


You can sign up now! (and just so you know, I'm manually approving each member to keep it a tightly focused member base).

Hope to see you in the member area soon and feel free to tell me what you think!

Sign UP NOW!

- Andy

SupremeCrete Inc

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